Who is Hover UAV?

Custom solution provider

Hover UAV considers itself a custom solution provider. The link between emerging drone technologies, individuals, governments and companies looking to implement these services into their workflow.

We provide you with access to safe, customised and cutting edge drone technology. We listen closely to your expectations and tailor outcomes based on those expectations.

Industry leaders

We are a dedicated and forward thinking company which has lead us to be an industry leader across many fields. This includes marine conservation, shark surveillance and event coverage specialist.

We have also conducted R & D projects and commercialised products such as the Hover UAV drone shark alarm. These products have made vast improvements to public safety and on their way to becoming standard equipment for drone beach surveillance.

Increasingly we finds ourselves providing consultancy and training to individuals, companies and governments. This is done with the aim to implement the technology in a safe, legal and efficient manner into their workflow.

Forward thinking and collaborative

We are a collaborative company and have built many relationships with industry world leaders.

This allows us to offer full service packages which include the latest technology with cinematographers and productions teams, Artificial intelligence (AI), communications, networks and BVLOS experts.

Hover UAV - Small Business Champion
AAUS Award Logos - Hover UAV
Hover UAV - NSW Women of the Year 2018

What We Do

We offer drone systems management services. Our full suite of drone consultancy services helps to streamline operations, commit to compliance and allow your RPAS operations to flourish without compromising safety. Consultancy services include but are not limited to

  • Online training platform for managing self-paced learning
  • Consultancy for specific flight and data management techniques
  • Ongoing management of training manuals and materials inline with CASA updates and best practice techniques
  • Administrative training
  • On job training, coaching and support
  • Efficient, flexible and user friendly aviation software
  • Leasing or purchasing options

At Hover we utilise our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or drones to deliver high quality aerial imagery, video or data.

We do this in a cost effective, safe, customised and timely manner. This type of imagery allows you to make informed business decisions and implement changes to operations saving you time and money.

Our services are many and extend across varied industries. They include

Why choose Hover UAV?

At Hover we provide the solution for mitigating risk to employees.

We ensure that every project has a full risk management plan that aligns with industry requirements.

This creates the safest possible framework for your operational situations.

Hover UAV can offer video in 4K, still imagery, orthomosaics, digital surface models, 3D point clouds or complete 3D reconstructions.

We strive to ensure we have the solution for your requirements. Utilising our sensational aerial promotional content to promote your home, property, event or businesses online efficiently.

Our groundbreaking aerial HD video and photography captures your requirements in a new perspective.

Unlike large expensive aircraft, we are not limited solely to a bird’s-eye view. The agility of our  drones can provide you with dynamic eye-catching film and photography perfect for marketing and promotional use.

We take a detailed brief of your desired outcomes.

Then we develop systems to free up time and give certainty that your UAV operation is running safely, efficient and is compliant.

Hover UAV holds a current C.A.S.A Approved UAV Operators Certificate Cert no/. CASA.UOC.286. Additionally it can operate within 3NM of registered (non-controlled) aerodromes and helipads. Hover UAV has the ability to obtain further exemptions should the need arise for your upcoming project or operation.

Hover UAV has current insurance in place to operate Australia wide. This includes public liability insurance of $20,000,000. If required amendments to insurance arrangements can be altered depending on your project.