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Jackie Dujmovic

Women in Emerging Aviation – Jackie Dujmovic

We are elated to announce that Jackie Dujmovic, CEO of Hover UAV, is among 11 outstanding women who have been honored with an induction into the Women in Emerging Aviation Hall of Fame. This prestigious recognition was conferred upon her at the 7th Annual Women in Emerging Aviation Awards, celebrated at the iconic Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

The evening was a grand gala event hosted within the walls of the renowned Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. The Hall of Fame inductees were honored in an intimate ceremony. The gala unfolded beneath some of the most legendary aviation milestones and aircraft in history, including but not limited to the pioneering achievements of the Wright Brothers.

The night was an extraordinary occasion as all attendees celebrated the pioneering women making significant strides in the aviation sector. Their innovative contributions and forward-thinking visions forecast a future brimming with innovation, scientific and technological advancements. Representing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, these honorees came from various facets of the Uncrewed Aerial Systems and Advanced Air Mobility sectors.


Women In Emerging Aviation Hall of Fame Inductees

Loretta Alkalay – Aviation attorney and Adjunct Professor at Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology. Alkalay holds an FAA remote pilot certificate with a sUAS rating and also serves as a regulatory consultant, specializing in issues related to compliance with federal aviation regulations including drone rules.

Barbara Bollard – Professor Bollard of Australia is a leader in the field of drone remote sensing, renowned for her pioneering research in both Antarctica and extreme desert environments. Her groundbreaking achievements have significantly advanced the capabilities of drone technology, transforming data collection and analysis in these challenging terrains.

Jackie Dujmovic – Founder and CEO of Hover UAV in Australia. As a commercial UAS Pilot and accomplished Chief Remote Pilot, Dujmovic’s expertise is establishing robust communication and procedural frameworks with regulators across local, national, and international spheres. Her ultimate mission is the seamless integration of drone systems into everyday life, commitments to safety, compliance, and navigating intricate operational approvals.

Desiree Ekstein – Founder of On The Go Video and accomplished figure in the UAS industry. Ekstein is dedicated to promoting safety and education as a Lead FAASTeam Representative and AUVSI TOP Level 3 pilot. She is also involved in the “Girls Take Flight” initiative which encourages young women to explore careers in the science and technology fields.

Laurie Grindle – Deputy Center Director, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center. Grindle assists in the management of the NASA field centre, focusing on strategy, business processes, and institutional management. She has also served in leadership roles overseeing Unmanned Air Vehicles and the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew vehicle abort test booster.

Sonet Kock – Director of Drone Policy & Regulatory Development. Sonet is the Founder and Managing Director of AviComply (Pty) Ltd, a leading South African consulting firm specializing in Aviation Compliance Solutions. She is known for her expertise and extensive experience in Aviation Regulatory Compliance and has dedicated her efforts to ensuring quality and safety assurance for both crewed and uncrewed flight operations.

Aviation Hall of Fame

Mercy Makau – President and Founder of the Young Aviator Club of Africa as well as Chairperson of Drone Club Kenya. Makau is considered a passionate change maker, deeply committed to empowering youth and promoting gender equity in Africa’s aviation and aerospace industry.

Jenn Player – Senior Director of Global Aviation Regulatory Affairs at Skydio. Jenn collaborates with customers, regulators, and standards development organizations to advance autonomy and unlock safe and effective docked drone operations. Jenn’s early work to integrate drones into the National Airspace System led to the first long-range BVLOS civil flight in the continental United States.

Dr Debbie Saunders – Founder, CEO and Chief Remote Pilot of Wildlife Drones. The Australian company is transforming biodiversity conservation by developing innovative technological solutions, including the world’s most advanced drone-based radio-telemetry sensor that empowers endangered and invasive species managers globally to simultaneously track the movements of many animals from a drone in real time.

Annalisa Russell-Smith – Chief Strategy Officer, Flyby Technology. The company flew the COVID virus between laboratories and chemotherapy to isolated communities and Russell-Smith was the first civilian female in the United Kingdom to become a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) pilot.

Abigail Smith – Executive Director (A), of the FAA’s UAS Security Office, which serves as the focal point for all matters related to drone and air mobility (AAM) security in U.S. airspace. Within this role, Smith leads the FAA’s efforts to safely integrate detection and mitigation systems for drones and AAM operations into the National Airspace System.

Women in Emerging Aviation Hall of Fame - Jackie Dujmovic

About the Women in Emerging Aviation Technologies Awards: Initiated in 2017, Women and Drones has been shining a spotlight on those reshaping the UAS/AAM industry. Every year, a global hunt singles out women and entities bringing innovation, enhancing the UAS/AAM industry’s reputation, fostering inclusivity in STEM and aviation, and propelling the industry closer to equal gender representation.

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Demystifying BVLOS

Demystifying BVLOS

Demystifying BVLOS. Episode 01: Understanding the Australia-Pacific Regulatory Landscape with Jackie Dujmovic from Hover UAV

In this webinar series brought to you by our partners at FlyBase discussion circles around demystifying BVLOS drone operations, and the most frequent inquiries that drone users and businesses make about the regulatory process. When should a waiver or approval application be submitted? What steps must one take to obtain them? Can pilots and proofs of concept be carried out without a waiver or approval? How are the laws affected by geography? What prerequisites must be met before beginning the BVLOS operations and waiver process?

​We have heard you. And therefore, we bring you a brand-new webinar series. Through sessions with regulatory experts, we hope to address your questions and concerns regarding BVLOS drone ops and waivers particular to your operating region!

​The main focus of this session was on BVLOS drone operations, the various use cases prevalent in Australia and New Zealand, and the CASA and CAA regulatory frameworks that affect the region.

If you are looking for any assistance on BVLOS operations be it defining your concept of operations or guidance on hardware or software and where it may fall in regards to its SAIL level (Specific Integrity and Assurance Level), both in Australia or New Zealand please do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced Hover UAV team for assistance. Hover UAV has a wealth of knowledge in gaining waivers or approvals from both CASA (Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand) making Hover UAV your go-to resource when looking to leverage the most from your autonomous drone program.

Jackie Dujmovic Hover UAV – FlytBase

Jackie Dujmovic re-elected

Jackie Dujmovic Re-elected to the Board of AAUS

Jackie Dujmovic, CEO of Hover UAV has been re-elected to the board of the Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems (AAUS) for another 3-year tenure. Jackie had already completed a term serving on the board of the AAUS which had come to the end of its term requiring re-election. For re-election, a vote was conducted amongst AAUS industry body members, and the outcome was decided with Jackie being reinstated on the board for an additional 3 years. As there were 7 nominees for 5 Board positions, a vote was required to determine the result.

In Jackie’s own words “I am very excited to be re-elected to the Board of AAUS – Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems. Looking forward to creating positive change and pushing further boundaries for the #RPAS#AAM, and #martime uncrewed autonomous sectors.
Congratulations to new board member Philip van der Burg and also returning board members Reece Clothier Vic Grosjean, MEng, CEng Simon Hooper

Jackie Dujmovic re-elected

What is the AAUS?

Australian Association for Unmanned Systems is a not-for-profit industry association representing organisations and individuals who are interested in the development, manufacture, operation, or effect of uncrewed systems in Australia. Representations extend across uncrewed systems in the air, land, and sea domains as well as advanced air mobility.

The organisation’s objectives are:

  • to further the advancement of uncrewed systems in Australia and the surrounding region;
  • to encourage the advancement of technology associated with the uncrewed systems community;
  • to promote the education of the membership and those directly associated with uncrewed systems and of the general public;
  • to broaden professional relationships among members;
  • to maintain and increase the professional standing of the membership;
  • to provide support to worthy candidates in the field of uncrewed systems;
  • to recognise and award honors to individuals and organisations making great contributions to the field of uncrewed systems. 
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