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Women Behind the Drone Revolution

Women Behind the Drone Revolution

Women Behind the Drone Revolution: Webinar Recap

This webinar is part of the “Women Behind the Drone Revolution” series organized by DroneTalks. The event featured three accomplished speakers: Alexandra Floren, Francine Zimmerman, and Jackie Dumovic. Each shared their unique experiences and expertise in the drone industry.

Women Behind the Drone Revolution Highlights

Alexandra Floren: From Aeronautical Engineer to Aviation Technical Standard Manager at Wing. Alexandra detailed her fascinating journey and the challenges she overcame.

Francine Zimmerman: An Unconventional Path. Francine discussed her role in legal and international affairs within the drone sector and how she carved out her niche.

Jackie Dumovic: From Yachts to Drones. Jackie shared her transition from working on super and mega yachts to starting her own drone business – Hover UAV.

Engaging Q&A Sessions

Participants had the chance to interact with the speakers through the Q&A feature. They asked about the speakers’ experiences, their companies, and the drone industry in general. This interactive element added great value to the webinar.

Webinar Format

  • Introductions: Each speaker gave a brief introduction about themselves.
  • Q&A Session: After the introductions, the Q&A session allowed participants to engage directly with the speakers.

Insights and Takeaways – Women Behind the Drone Revolution

The webinar aimed to provide valuable insights into the drone industry from a female perspective. It showcased the diverse paths these women took and highlighted their contributions to the field.

This engaging and informative session was a testament to the growing influence of women in the drone industry. It served as an inspiration for many aspiring professionals.

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