BARS Audit Preparation

BARS Audit Preparation With Hover UAV

BARS Audit Preparation – In the evolving domain of aviation, the introduction of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) has revolutionised operational capabilities across various industries, from mining to offshore oil and gas. The Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) program represents a collaborative effort by the Flight Safety Foundation alongside the resources and mining sector aimed at harmonising audit practices across participating entities. Achieving certification underlines your organisation’s dedication to safety and enhances the value of the services provided.

Understanding BARS Audits – BARS Audit Preparation

The BARS Audit Program stands out as an essential resource for RPAS operators and the companies that hire them, aiming to comprehensively assess their management systems and operational methods. This evaluation centres on pinpointing and reducing possible hazards, enabling operators to safely manage the challenges of diverse settings. The program goes beyond simple compliance with rules; it cultivates a mindset of safety and readiness. By setting a worldwide benchmark, it ensures that, regardless of the contractor’s location across the globe, the hiring firm can have confidence in the consistent quality assured by a recognised global standard.

The Importance of BARS Audits

  • Comprehensive Reviews: Save time and embrace a safety standard that speaks the language of top contracting companies worldwide.
  • Suitability: Verifies that operators are adequately prepared for the challenges of remote and complex environments.
  • Enhanced Safety: Offers an additional layer of protection for your assets, workforce, and overall operations.
  • Time Efficiency: Achieving BARS compliance ensures applicability across all member contracting companies, removing the necessity for additional or independent risk management efforts.
  • Remote Readiness: Prove your prowess in managing the complexities of remote operations.
  • Best Practices Access: Fly high with globally recognised practices and standards in aviation risk management.
  • Professional Excellence: Possessing a BARS Audit certification underscores an operator’s advanced level of maturity and commitment to operating with the highest degree of safety and proficiency.

How to become BARS for RPAS Audit Accredited

Flight Safety Foundation – BARS for RPAS – BARS Audit Preparation

BARS Audit Preparation – How to become a BARS Registered RPAS Operator: This provides a step-by-step guide on how to join the BARS program and ensure the safety of your employees while operating remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) in the mining and resources sector.

  • Download the RPAS standard and implementation guidelines from the website.
  • Set up your RPAS operator profile in the secure online portal, Barsoft.
  • Select a BARS member organisation and create your audit checklist.
  • Conduct a self-audit with the checklist to assess your company’s readiness.
  • Enrol with a selected audit company and sign the BARS audit agreement.
  • Close any non-conformities within 30 to 90 days with a corrective action plan.
  • Maintain continuous registration to achieve silver and gold status in the BARS program.

Partnering with Hover UAV for BARS Success

BARS Audit Preparation – For organisations aiming to achieve or maintain BARS certification, Hover UAV offers comprehensive support in audit preparedness. Our expertise lies in navigating the complexities of BARS audit requirements, providing a streamlined path to compliance. We assist organisations by:

  1. Consulting on BARS Audit Checklists: Hover UAV provides in-depth consultations, utilising BARS audit checklists to ensure thorough preparedness. We help identify the essential components that need to be incorporated into your operations manual and procedures to meet audit standards.
  2. Preparing for Audits: We assist in preparing BARS audit checklists tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, ensuring that all areas of potential risk are covered and adequately addressed.
  3. Compliance Software Integration: Hover UAV aids in selecting and implementing compliance software that aligns with BARS standards, facilitating efficient management of compliance documentation and procedures.
  4. Operational Manual and Procedure Enhancement: BARS Audit Preparation. Our team works closely with you to identify necessary additions and modifications to your operations manual and procedures, ensuring they are in line with BARS requirements.
  5. Client Meeting and Audit Representation (If required): Hover UAV stands by your side during client meetings and audits, providing expert representation to navigate through the audit process smoothly.

With Hover UAV as your partner, achieving BARS certification becomes a more accessible and assured goal. Contact Hover UAV for more information on how we can assist your BARS Audit Preparation.

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