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Sharing The Airspace

Sharing The Airspace – Webinar 2

Sharing The Airspace – Webinar 2

Catch this Fire-Side Recording of “Sharing The Airspace” Webinar Session 2

A spate of recent accidents and near misses highlights the growth of mixed operations in increasingly congested airspace. To maintain the safety of all participants, this environment demands high standards of professionalism and planning from all pilots, be they crewed or uncrewed. Hence this 2 part webinar series which highlights crucial factors around “Sharing the Airspace”.

Did you miss the live event? Not to worry! You can still catch the enlightening one-hour session, the second instalment of the series hosted by SafeSkies Australia and RMIT. This episode dives deep into the cutting-edge technologies enhancing the safety and efficiency of sharing airspace. From managing aircraft to monitoring wildlife movements, discover how the latest innovations are revolutionising aviation safety.

Sharing The Airspace: The Expert Panel Included:

These leaders in aviation technology shared their insights and answered burning questions during a lively Q&A session. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the business through the recorded webinar. Dive into the future of aviation safety by accessing the session here. If you happened to miss part one of the two-part “Sharing the Airspace” webinar series it can be found here.

Sharing The Airspace

Sharing the Airspace

Sharing the Airspace: A Collaborative Effort

Sharing The Airspace – In an insightful webinar, “Sharing the Airspace,” hosted by Safe Skies Australia and RMIT, industry experts shared pivotal insights on the essence of collaboration and professionalism in aviation safety. Spearheaded by Greg Hood, Deputy Chair of Air Services Australia and key representatives from both commercial and uncrewed aviation sectors, the event shed light on the multifaceted strategies for elevating safety standards in aviation.

Collaboration at Its Core – Sharing The Airspace

The heart of the webinar beat to the rhythm of shared responsibility. From pilots and training organisations to regulatory bodies and the burgeoning UAV sector, the message was clear: maintaining and enhancing safety is a collective endeavour. Greg Hood’s Australian Transport Safety Bureau statistics underscored the imperative of vigilance in airspace sharing and the relentless pursuit of safety excellence.

Professionalism as a Pillar

Professionalism in aviation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a foundational pillar. Lea Vesic of RMIT Aviation Academy emphasized starting with professionalism at the onset of pilot training. This involves a deep commitment to competence, communication, and, most importantly, safety.

The Dawn of Drones – Sharing The Airspace

The webinar ventured into the increasingly significant realm of uncrewed aerial systems (UAS). Jackie Dujmovic highlighted drones’ emerging role, stressing the critical need for stringent safety protocols in both crewed and uncrewed aviation. As the industry edges toward mass adoption of Beyond Visual Line of Sight operations and Urban Air Mobility, innovation in safe integration becomes non-negotiable.

SafeSkies Australia / RMIT Webinar – Sharing the Airspace

Key Takeaways for a Safer Tomorrow – Sharing The Airspace

  • The importance of continuous education and training to foster a safety-conscious mindset.
  • A necessity for improved communication and information sharing to enhance situational awareness and prevent accidents.
  • The potential of technology, like ADS-B, to bolster visibility and tracking, thereby augmenting safety.
  • The creation of a collaborative ecosystem where all stakeholders, including the UAS sector, work in harmony to ensure the safety of our skies via equitable sharing of the airspace.

As we stand on the brink of a new era in aviation, characterised by technological leaps and increased congestion, this webinar serves as a crucial reminder. Our collective commitment to safety, professionalism, and collaboration is the key to ensuring that aviation remains a byword for safety.

  • Jackie Dujmovic, Hover UAV founder and a leading voice in drone operations and safety.
  • SafeSkies Australia is at the forefront of aviation safety advocacy.
  • RMIT, contributing academic and practical insights into aviation training.
  • Greg Hood, Deputy Air Services Chair, offers invaluable data and perspectives.
  • Lea Vesic, from RMIT Aviation Academy, highlights the importance of professional training.
  • Chris McKie of Virgin Australia,
  • Jill Bailey, Head of Flight Operations at Recreational Australia
  • Allan Clements, CEO L3 Harris

This collaborative effort underscored the webinar’s (Sharing The Airspace) message: together, we can ensure the skies remain safe for all.

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