RPAS Flight Operations

RPAS Flight Operations

Hover UAV conducts RPAS flight operations by providing the expertise to fulfil a shortfall in either skills or resources. With a proven track record of conducting flight operations for some of the largest RPAS operations globally, Hover UAV posses unprecedented knowledge on the requirements needed to manage successful RPAS operations.

Β Qualified Staffing Requirements

Hover UAV can provide experienced and qualified staffing requirements to assist your RPAS operations either on a short term or on an ongoing basis. Whether you are an international manufacturer looking to bring your drone platform to Australia or wanting to introduce a new RPAS application to market, Hover UAV can assist with all your staffing requirements.

  • Remote pilots qualified for day/night operations on all small RPAs (up to 25kgs)
  • IREX qualified remote pilots for day/ night BVLOS operations. If you have a requirement to operate BVLOS operations you will require a pilot who has passed the IREX (Instrument Rating Examination) and holds a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL). BVLOS operations can only be conducted by Operators Certificate (ReOC) holders.
  • Maintenance Controller to manage and maintain your RPA fleet
  • Type Qualified Remote pilots. Any RPA with an MTOW of 25kg+ requires the pilot to hold a specific rating for that RPA
  • Remote pilots qualified for specialised operations such as extended VLOS (EVLOS), cargo delivery, or complex operations


Hover UAV staff have extensive experience in operating a variety of RPAs from the very small to the large. This is combined with significant operational experience, successfully completing RPA tasks in urban areas to mine sites with both autonomous and manually flown RPAs. Hover UAV is able to utilise this experience to provide high-quality operational training courses to assist your organisation in safely meeting its full potential. Hover UAV provide training in the following operational areas:

  • Administrative training (chief pilot, senior based pilot)
  • SORA Training for complex operations
  • Observer (EVLOS Class 1 & 2)
  • Crew cooperation and human factors
  • Excluded category pilot training including risk management and operating site set up
  • Managing an excluded category operation