May 15, 2024
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Sharing The Airspace – Webinar 2

Sharing The Airspace

Sharing The Airspace – Webinar 2

Catch this Fire-Side Recording of “Sharing The Airspace” Webinar Session 2

A spate of recent accidents and near misses highlights the growth of mixed operations in increasingly congested airspace. To maintain the safety of all participants, this environment demands high standards of professionalism and planning from all pilots, be they crewed or uncrewed. Hence this 2 part webinar series which highlights crucial factors around “Sharing the Airspace”.

Did you miss the live event? Not to worry! You can still catch the enlightening one-hour session, the second instalment of the series hosted by SafeSkies Australia and RMIT. This episode dives deep into the cutting-edge technologies enhancing the safety and efficiency of sharing airspace. From managing aircraft to monitoring wildlife movements, discover how the latest innovations are revolutionising aviation safety.

Sharing The Airspace: The Expert Panel Included:

These leaders in aviation technology shared their insights and answered burning questions during a lively Q&A session. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the business through the recorded webinar. Dive into the future of aviation safety by accessing the session here. If you happened to miss part one of the two-part “Sharing the Airspace” webinar series it can be found here.

Sharing The Airspace

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