March 6, 2024
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Senior Based Pilot

Senior Based Pilot - Hover UAV

Improving Workflows for Chief Remote Pilots (CRPs)

Incorporating a Senior Based Pilot into Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operations streamlines operations considerably. When effectively executed, this approach notably lightens the daily responsibilities of the Chief Remote Pilot (CRP) and enhances the organisation’s adaptability.

The Role of a Chief Remote Pilot: Navigating Challenges with Expertise

Being a Chief Remote Pilot (CRP) entails many responsibilities, from constant operational monitoring to fulfilling training and administrative duties. There are many legal obligations that the Chief Remote Pilot is mandated to obey which can be multi-faceted and demanding across multiple jurisdictions. Given that many Chief Remote Pilots juggle additional roles, finding the time to meet these obligations is crucial, irrespective of the challenges this demanding position entails. With such a large work load the question is posed. How can Chief Remote Pilots ease this workload whilst maintaining compliance and standards across their organisation?

Implementing the Senior Based Pilot Position

The Senior Based Pilot position is created to undertake tasks designated by the Chief Remote Pilot, thereby reducing the workload on the CRP and enhancing operational safety and efficiency. This role becomes crucial as the organisation scales; for example, a single Chief Remote Pilot might find it challenging to maintain compliance and oversee the activities of 150 remote pilots. Tasks such as verifying currency, proficiency, flight approvals, and managing record-keeping across various locations can be overwhelming. By delegating some of these responsibilities to a Senior Based Pilot, the burden on CRPs is significantly lightened, leading to improved operational efficiencies.

Assigning tasks to others does not lessen the accountability of the Chief Remote Pilot. Therefore, the Senior Based Pilot must be competent, proficient and trustworthy. By creating a transparent command hierarchy and utilising technological solutions such as compliance management software, we can ensure a safety standard and culture that flows across the organisation.

Hover UAV: Elevating Drone Operations Through Expert Training and Strategic Integration of Senior Base Pilots

At Hover UAV, we’re dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and operational flexibility of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators. Understanding the complexities of managing drone operations, we offer bespoke training solutions tailored to empower your organisation. Our innovative approach introduces Senior Base Pilots into your operational structure, streamlining processes and significantly reducing the workload of Chief Remote Pilots.

Why Hover UAV? Your Partner in Excellence

Hover UAV offers extensive expertise in developing efficient aviation team frameworks. Our deep understanding of manned and unmanned aviation is essential for creating the best Senior Base Pilot system. Together with our Chief Remote Pilot support packages, we ensure your operations are managed by proficient hands. If requiring more information please contact Hover UAV.

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