January 6, 2022
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Jackie Dujmovic Appointed to the Board of Safeskies Australia

It is with great honour that Hover UAV wishes to announce that CEO, Jackie Dujmovic has been appointed to the board of Safeskies Australia. This appointment is significant in numerous ways none other than it ushers onto the board the first member from the unmanned industry.

Safeskies educates about, and promotes, aviation safety. Through biennial conferences and other events, facilitates access to the world’s leading aviation safety practitioners and researchers. Safeskies provides cross-fertilisation of aviation safety ideas and approaches across all sectors of the aviation industry—civil and military. It aims to identify and promote effective solutions to the safety challenges facing the aviation industry globally.

Safeskies provides a unique forum for addressing safety issues in all aviation sectors. With a global reputation that attracts speakers and delegates who are leaders in their fields. Safeskies is the only Australian forum to cover both civil and defence aviation safety. As one senior executive said: ‘If Safeskies didn’t exist, we would have to invent it.’

Safeskies’ independence allows it to explore and deliver on issues without interference by industry or government.

While Safeskies is funded widely by government and industry groups with an interest in aviation safety, it operates independently of such groups, allowing Safeskies to adopt a non-partisan approach to vital aviation safety issues. Safeskies was founded in late 1992 as a sub-committee of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Australia (CILTA). CILTA held the first Safeskies Australia conference in October 1993; and in 2001, Safeskies Australia was incorporated as a separate body.

For more information about Safeskies Australia please visit their website.

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