June 17, 2023
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Hover UAV Triumphs at AAUS Industry Champion Awards: A Milestone in BVLOS Training and Safety Education

AAUS Industry Awards - Winner Education and Safety - Hover UAV

Hover UAV AAUS Winners

Hover UAV, a distinguished RPAS consulting firm, has etched another milestone by clinching the coveted Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems (AAUS) Education and Safety Award. This significant accomplishment, announced during the grand AAUS Industry Champion Awards ceremony in Canberra on June 14, 2023, is the company’s first win in this category.

The AAUS Education and Safety Award is a testament to the unwavering commitment of individuals or organisations toward fostering a culture of safety within the unmanned systems industry. In addition, the award recognises the exceptional efforts in providing education and leadership within this rapidly evolving sector.

Hover UAV’s Founder and Director, Jackie Dujmovic, expressed her joy over this achievement at the esteemed AAUS Industry Champion Awards. She proclaimed, “This win mirrors the remarkable leadership and innovative strides taken by our team at Hover UAV in the realm of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) training and safety education.”

Based on the Gold Coast, Hover UAV faced formidable competition from numerous organisations across Australia. Nevertheless, the company soared to victory, reflecting its unrivaled efforts within the sector. This award not only underscores Hover UAV’s significant strides in BVLOS education but also reinforces its leading position within the industry.

Photo: Hover UAV, Nicola McPhail, Phillip Grieve, Jackie Dujmovic

This triumph follows Hover UAV’s impressive track record of industry recognition, including being a finalist in the Australian Aviation Awards, winner of the Airwards Consultancy award, and reaching the finalist stage for the previous four years at the AAUS industry awards.

Reiterating the value of teamwork, Jackie stated, “Every triumph of the company is a shared accomplishment. Our team’s dedication and passion have been instrumental in shaping Hover UAV’s achievements. As we continue to spearhead innovation in the BVLOS training and education space, we anticipate the positive ripple effect this will have on the industry and the companies embracing our training programs.”

To discover more about Hover UAV and its industry-leading BVLOS training programs, kindly visit: https://hoveruav.com.au/.

Hover UAV AAUS Winner

Winner Hover UAV - AAUS Education and Safety Category
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