October 31, 2022
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Drone Talks – Jackie Dujmovic

Drone Talks - Jackie Dujmovic

Drone Talks – Jackie Dujmovic. In this exclusive C-Level DroneTalks interview, Eszter Kovacs, CEO DroneTalks, talks to Jackie Dujmovic, Founder and CEO, Hover UAV.   Jackie discusses how she first started in the drone industry, transferring from a life at sea to owning her own drone business. She also discloses the status of the thriving Australian drone ecosystem, specifics on how the Australian government is supporting the industry, her views on building social acceptance of drones and future drone industry policy, her involvement with the Northern Territory drone delivery programme, the launch of the new Hover UAV BVLOS Hub and much more!   Tune in now to hear how Jackie went from being a new industry player to owning her own business and becoming an expert in the field, where she now supports inventors, entrepreneurs and manufacturers getting started in the industry or looking to grow their business. Check out DroneTalks C-Level interview series at https://dronetalks.online/ For #drone specialised marketing, PR or project/ program management services visit Manageld Switzerland Gmbh website: https://manageld.com   #OnlineEducation At DroneTalks we have gathered the top experts in the #drone industry to design a set of easily digestible #courses to get you up-to-date, fast. Learn more: https://dronetalks.online/academy/ For more information on Hover UAV: https://www.hoveruav.com.au/

Drone Talks – Jackie Dujmovic
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