April 13, 2023
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General Approval for Military No-fly Zones

Approval Military No-fly Zones

In collaboration with the Department of Defence, CASA is streamlining the procedure for RPA operators to fly within the no-fly zone of aerodromes controlled by the military.

Effective from April 30, 2023, RPA operators planning to fly below 400 ft AGL within the no-fly zone of a military-controlled aerodrome are required to:

  • Include a copy of Instrument 23/23 in their operations manual (there is no need to submit the updated manual to CASA)
  • Obtain permission from the military control tower prior to commencing operations by contacting the relevant tower or military unit.

When operating within the no-fly zone of a military-controlled aerodrome, a NOTAM must be issued, irrespective of the altitude. The military control tower may issue the NOTAM for specific operations. This is a stipulation of CASR 101.030 and Instrument 23/23.

RPA operators intending to fly above 400 ft AGL, perform BVLOS, EVLOS, drone swarm, or any other operation that falls outside the conditions and authorisations of the ReOC near a military-controlled aerodrome, must still apply to CASA using form 101-09.

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