December 15, 2021
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CASA Announces proposed amendments to Part 101 CASR and MOS for Unmanned aircraft

Starting from today CASA have officially announced a series of proposed amendments to the CASR Part 101 and MOS, as well as a consultation period where industry experts can make their feedback known to CASA. This consultation period starts today, 15 December 2021 and ends 7 February 2022. As a part of this announcement CASA are undergoing a PIR (Post-Implementation Review) of the existing Part 101 CASR and MOS documents to figure out what’s working well, what could be better and what will be needed in the future to support the rapidly changing industry.

In Fact, CASA’s official announcement starts by acknowledging the rapid changes and growth of the industry, painting a clear picture that meeting the flexibility of the industry is a priority.

What are the proposed amendments?

There’s a lot to be excited about in CASA’s proposed changes, but we’ll let them tell you in their own words:

· using automated systems for low-risk regulatory decision-making

· accurate data points for the measurement of 3NM from controlled aerodromes in CASA-verified drone safety apps

· creating a more efficient and streamlined regulatory suite by integrating several exemptions and other instruments, clarifying definitions, and reducing duplication and conflicting requirements

· deregulating indoor (enclosed) operations, providing further opportunities for operators by reducing red tape and the requirement for additional approvals (i.e. 30 metre rule), and aligning model aircraft and RPA regulations for enclosed operations

· directly supporting innovative operations, such as research, development and testing, through increased flexibility to assess and approve novel operations and technological advancement

· reducing record keeping requirements for low-risk operations and defining ‘significant change’ for operations manuals

· adoption of gender-neutral language

· clarifying requirements across Part 101 of CASR and its MOS.


How do you have your say?

CASA has provided the Policy Proposal (2107US) consultation survey which contains information about the amendments and a handy Microsoft Word document to help gather your organisations feedback. You can find both of these items in their official announcement. CASA has stated that all feedback will be considered that is consistent with CASA policy and civil aviation legislation to see if it can improve the proposed changes.

How long until these changes are implemented?

After the consultation period ends CASA anticipates making the proposed rules come into effect shortly after September 2022. But the feedback gained will also be used to set up an appropriate transition time frame. During this time, CASA wants to ensure that the industry has enough time to adopt the new requirements. While that timeframe hasn’t been released, CASA has said it will dependent on the date the new rules are drafted, signed, registered and implemented by CASA so there should be plenty of notice.

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