March 4, 2024
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Applying for an ARN

Applying For An ARN

Aviation Reference Number

In the world of aviation, whether you’re an individual enthusiast, a professional pilot, or part of an organisation involved in the aerospace sector, one key element you need to navigate the administrative skies is an Aviation Reference Number (ARN). This guide simplifies the process of applying for an ARN, making your journey smoother and ensuring you’re up in the air without unnecessary delays.

What is an ARN and Who Needs One?

An ARN acts much like a personal identification number but for aviation-related activities. It’s mandatory for anyone looking to access services from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) or to hold any form of aviation license, permission, or authorisation. This includes but is not limited to, Chief Remote Pilots, Maintenance Controllers, and Directors of companies involved in aviation. Essentially, if you’re engaging with CASA, an ARN is your entry ticket.

Applying for an ARN - Hover UAV

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an Individual ARN

Start with myCASA

Your portal to obtaining an ARN is through CASA’s myCASA platform. If you’re new, creating an account is your first step. Visit the myCASA portal, sign up using your email, or leverage the convenience of Digital Identity through MyGovID. For those outside Australia, note that a foreign passport can be used as identification if you’re applying from within the country.

Filling Out Your Application

Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Need an ARN?’ section and select ‘Apply for an aviation reference number (ARN).’ You’ll be prompted to enter personal details including your full name as it appears on your primary ID (such as a passport or driver’s license), address, date of birth, sex, phone numbers, and nationality.

Submitting Your Identification

For the identification process, you’ll only need one form of ID, which can usually be verified online. This includes Australian passports, birth certificates, citizenship certificates, ImmiCards, and foreign passports. Should online verification falter, uploading a certified copy of your document is also an option.

Final Steps

Ensure all details match those on your identification documents, including middle names, before submitting your application. Upon submission, you’ll receive an email with your new ARN shortly.

Applying for an ARN Business and Organisations

Businesses and organisations require an ARN for legal interactions with CASA. The application process mirrors that of an individual, with the necessity of having an individual ARN and the authority to apply on behalf of the entity. Be prepared with the organization’s ABN during your application.

Why an ARN is Indispensable

Owning an ARN is not just about compliance; it’s about ensuring seamless interaction with CASA, and facilitating your access to licenses, permissions, and authorizations crucial for your aviation activities. It’s a unique identifier that simplifies the bureaucracy, allowing you to focus on the skies.

Embarking on Your Application Journey

Applying for an ARN is straightforward through the myCASA portal. Remember, whether you’re an individual or applying on behalf of a business or organization, the key to a smooth process is having all the necessary information and documents at hand. With your ARN, you’re not just a number; you’re a part of the broader aviation community, ready to take off into the vast blue yonder.

In simplifying the administrative side of your aviation endeavours, an ARN is your first step toward the skies. Follow this guide, and you’ll find the process not just necessary but easily navigable, with clear skies ahead on your aviation journey.

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