Percepto Solving Operational Challenges From Above

Percepto Solving Operational Challenges From Above

Percepto Solving Operational Challenges From Above


Solving Operational Challenges From Above

Hover UAV has recently had the fortune to demonstrate alongside Percepto throughout Queensland the capabilities of their autonomous drone in a box platform. This platform is for commercial or industrial sites who require data on-demand. Percepto solving operational challenges from above

What is the Percepto Drone in A Box?

Percepto’s system consists of a weatherproof drone with UHD (4k) RGB and thermal cameras, a base station for recharging and sheltering the drone and PerceptoCore software suite for flight management, data storage, report management, permissioned team access, and computer vision and AI-powered applications.

Percepto’s drone systems can be deployed standalone on a site, or as groups of multiple drone-in-a-box systems to meet coverage needs.

The Drone – Sparrow

The autonomous, weatherproof Sparrow drone is equipped with state of the art machine vision technology for identifying and tracking objects of interest. Dual sensor payloads allow for UHD (4k) video streaming, recorded video, imagery collection for photography or orthomosaic maps, and night vision. Percepto Solving Operational Challenges From Above

The Base

The Percepto Base is an industrial-grade, weatherproof, portable base station. When not in operation, the drone resides in the base, ready to launch at a moment’s notice. The base charges the drone when not in use and facilitates secure data upload to the PerceptoCore.



Gaining aerial data and insights have traditionally been dangerous, expensive and pending availability of UAV’s teams/services. With Percepto, your operations teams gain real-time visibility of site conditions and automate critical data collection processes without any dependency on manual actions. Industrial sites around the globe use the system for 3 core applications in the following domains: Safety & Security, Operations & Maintenance and Regulatory Compliance. With added Machine learning algorithms already in utilisation, it makes detection of unauthorised personnel or vehicles a simple process.

A myriad of customised automated reports can be sent to your inbox flagging areas of concern which may entail temperatures above certain thresholds, volumetrics of stockpiles and or the presence of personnel or vehicles in unsecured locations. Of course, these reports can be tailored to site-specific use cases or requirements maximising actionable insights obtained via the Percepto system.


Hover UAV and Complex Drone Operations

Our team of experts are the link between emerging drone technology and enterprise. We can advise you on everything from understanding regulatory requirements or building safety cases for the implementation of BVLOS or EVLOS operations. Hover UAV also has vast experience in managing entire systems or large fleets. Should you need to achieve the most from your drone program please do not hesitate to contact Hover UAV to discuss your requirements.

Percepto Solving Operational Challenges From Above

Percepto Solving Operational Challenges From Above