UAV Wildlife and Marine Survey Tracking

Hover UAV Aerial Photography Drone

Our passion is conservation

Drones or UAVs are the perfect wildlife conservation tool for collecting data to assist with decision making for your environmental project. UAV’s  don’t offer just a safer way for observing subjects. They are often less costly, more efficient, less obtrusive and more precise than traditional approaches.

We can provide but are not limited to:

  • Purpose built sensors
  • Thermal imagery
  • Night vision
  • Geotagging
  • Live feed video
  • High quality video
  • High quality photos
  • Surveillance
  • Survey / Mapping

Our Services

Experienced Team of Marine and UAV Professionals

Hover UAV is in the enviable position of having operators that have over 15 years experience within the global marine industry. Our team has covered the globe many times operating in all oceans. We have been directly involved in operations such as:

  • Whale watching cruises
  • Research
  • Global super yacht industry
  • Offshore oil and gas exploration

Oil and Gas Industry

Our role was to utilise a seismic support vessel to advance in front of the seismic ship and ensure there was no presence of marine life particularly marine mammals whilst recording all observations.

Oil and Gas Operations have been conducted in:

  • Bass Straight
  • Great Australian Bite
  • Australia’s north west shelf
  • Timor
  • Papua New Guinea

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Our team members have also operated vessels extensively inside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (GBRMPA) adhering to all rules and regulations put forth by the GBRMPA.

We also hold Marine Cetacean permit (Permit number 2016 – 004) that allows us to legally fly directly over marine wildlife.

Marine Environments

As well as being professional UAV operators.

Hover UAV a wealth of experience to call upon when operating UAV in marine environments. We have a strong understanding of the complexities that don’t exist in terrestrial environments.

Our team also holds the following licences

  • Instructor level scuba divers (non-teaching status). These divers bring a knowledge of the aquatic environment and animal behaviour that can only be learnt by spending many hours in such an environment.
  • Master Class 4 (ships master)
  • Global maritime communications certificate
  • AMSA safety certifications
  • MED 2 (marine engineering)

Leading Marine UAV Conservation

We are the perfect choice for navigating the challenges of mixing wildlife conservation and UAV’s.

We have a passion for conservation.

We have working knowledge of the marine environment. Our strength is working to overcoming regulatory hurdles.

Remotely piloted aircraft technology holds incredible potential and is going to change the way conservation is conducted now and into the future.

Elevation is no limitation to your imagination

Compliance and Insurance

Hover UAV holds a current C.A.S.A Approved UAV Operators Certificate Cert no/. CASA.UOC.286.

Hover UAV has current insurance in place to operate Australia wide. This includes public liability insurance of $20,000,000. If required amendments to insurance arrangements can be altered depending on your project.

Tailored for you

Hover UAV works with you to ensure your desired video, photography or data outcomes are met. We take a detailed brief of your desired outcomes and meet them by developing methods utilising our UAV systems to achieve specified results.