Remotely Piloted Aerial Drone Surveillance

Aerial Surveillance

Whether it is for security, ports, assets, events, beach or  shark surveillance we have you covered. Our remotely piloted aircraft / UAV’s and remote pilots assist with monitoring, viewing and managing sites and incidents. We have you covered for both day and night operations.

We can provide but are not limited to:

  • Purpose built sensors
  • Thermal imagery
  • Night vision
  • Geotagging
  • Live feed video
  • High quality video
  • High quality photos

Hover UAV also operates

  • Under its own safety management system which is a series of safety and maintenance related procedures engaged to ensure safety and consistency across its operations.
  • Holds a security masters licence
  • We have experience with and a solid understanding of the ISPS – Shipping and Port Security
  • Our staff experienced staff hold relevant licences including MSIC cards, white cards and come will all PPE

Shark Surveillance

We have extensive experience with operating in marine environments and conducting shark surveillance. We are currently involved with conducting the shark surveillance for NSW Dept of Primary industry trials for NSW Coast. All our pilots have been trained in the best methods to fly remote aircraft for shark spotting.
We also hold Marine Cetacean permit (Permit number 2016 – 004) that allows us to legally fly directly over marine wildlife.