Drone Research and Development

Innovative Products

We have the ability to create innovative products to fulfil any requirements. In particular requirements that are lacking in applications to make operations streamlined and safe.

Shark Surveillance Innovation

An example of this work was used when conducting shark surveillance for the Department of Primary Industries. There was a need for a real time alerting device on the drone to be used if a shark was detected.

This device was created and immediately went into state government trials and has been deemed a success and standard equipment for beach surveillance ever since.

Trialling Flotation Devices

Additionally we have been trialling floatation devices and drop mechanisms for lifeguards to use on Australian beaches.

These developments have gone immediately into Government trials and will be an instrumental tool to beach safety this coming season.

Shark Surveillance

We have extensive experience with operating in marine environments and conducting shark surveillance.

We are currently involved with conducting the shark surveillance for NSW Dept of Primary industry trials for NSW Coast. All our pilots have been trained in the best methods to fly remote aircraft for shark spotting.

We also hold Marine Cetacean permit (Permit number 2016 – 004) that allows us to legally fly directly over marine wildlife.