Drone Systems Management Consultants

Support to innovate

We support you to run an innovative, safe and efficient drone program.

Many companies are looking to integrate drone technology into their workflow to add additional safety and efficiency. It certainly sounds like a great idea to implement into your operation. But where do you start? What can it actually be used for right now? And how do you prepare your operations for the future?

Our team of experts are the link between emerging drone technology and enterprise. We  can advise you on everything from understating regulatory requirements and structural paths to advice on current technology. We can implement and manage whole systems for you, including

  • operations manuals
  • libraries
  • flight requests
  • permits
  • logs
  • maintenance
  • schedules

We can help you find the right pilots and manage all aspects of their safety and drone training.

Hover UAVs compliance management and consultancy ensures that your operation reduces its risk and maximises it opportunities. The benefits of outsourcing compliance management include

  • Reduced risk through clarity of approval process
  • Increased oversight and analytics of flight operations
  • Improved efficiency and task flow optimisation
  • Greater clarity of operations for pilots, chief pilots, maintenance controllers and management
  • Identification of “at risk” behaviours by crew
  • Greater oversight and efficiency of maintenance schedule that increases compliance and improves Airframe lifespan
  • Improved record keeping and preparedness for CASA audit


At Hover UAV we have extensive experience in development cutting edge drone systems technology.

See some examples of our work.

Tailored solutions

Our team have managed many 1000’s of hours of UAV operation. This is using everything from paper based management systems to automated systems. We understand that you need your own solutions. And that your solution needs to align with your safety management systems and practices. That is why we do not prescribe one solution for all.

Key attributes for deciding on suitable management strategies include

  • The complexity, size and maturity of the operation
  • The need for cost modelling of programs
  • Any existing safety management systems
  • Your company’s culture and its ability to absorb new systems
  • Any specific requirements and the ability to adapt software to suit

Hover UAV works to understand your requirements and then build your drone solution to best suit your needs.