Construction and development

Whether you need a drone to manage a large development project or just for a single construction site, our drones provide unparalleled quality and ease-of-use.


Whether you use it for surveying, monitoring job sites to ensure safe procedures, highlighting to clients an aerial overview of projects or simply to inspect project progress, our drones have the potential to be just as important as any other tool on your construction site.


Our experienced team provides

  • Professional safety orientated service
  • High quality Imagery for better decision making
  • Fast Delivery
  • Flexibility and cost effective packages

Hover UAV works with you to ensure your desired video, photographs, maps , 3D models and GIS data outcomes are met for each phase/milestone of your construction project. We can provide real time assessments, so you can watch real time live footage as it is streamed straight from your construction site to you.

We take a detailed brief of your desired outcomes and meet them by developing methods utilising our UAV systems to achieve specified results.

Aerial perspectives are an effective visual communication tool when conveying the benefits of a project to its stakeholders.Hover UAV can:

  • Enables you to visualise in real time first person view
  • Future perspective views for high rise developments – Footage can be taken from exact heights and GPS positions
  • Panoramic 360 or 180 degree views
  • High quality 4K Video footage
  • Professional editing with tailor your footage to reflect your company’s personality and brand.
  • Inhouse services provide fast turn around

We can provide you with the tools to analyse and monitor your site as it evolves.

With the aid of highly sophisticated software we can provide interactive vertical and oblique 3D models and dense point clouds which allows us to digitise and model almost any surface.

Data can be provided in industry standard geospatial, photogrammetric, CAD and Point Cloud formats. Suitable for but not limited to:

Image Station
Global Mapper (.las, .laz, .xyz, .GeoTIFF, . shp, .dxf, .obj)
ArcGIS (.las, .GeoTIFF, .shp, .dxf )
Quantum GIS (GeoTIFF, xshp, .dxf)
AutoCAD (.xyz, GeoTIFF, .fbx, .dxf, .shp)
Microstation (.dng)
Rhino (.obj, .fbx)
3ds Max (obj, .fbx)
Quick terrain Reader (.las, .laz)
VRMesh (.las, .ply)
Meshlab (.ply, .obj)
Google earth / Maps (KML / HTML)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf)
LAStools (.las, .laz)
Sketchfab (.ply, fbx, .obj)
VLC (.mp4, mkv, .avi)
Windows Media Player (.mp4, .mkv, .avi )

We understand the importance of keeping your site moving at all times while maintaining a safe environment. Hover UAV is the solution for mitigating risk to employees.

There is no need for personnel to be working aloft or in hazardous situations.

Utilising Hover UAVs remotely piloted systems detailed inspections can be performed enabling staff to be utilised for other efforts.

Hover UAV also operates under its own safety management system which is a series of safety and maintenance related procedures engaged to ensure safety and consistency across its operations.

Our controllers hold valid white cards (construction induction), MSIC cards (Maritime Security Identification Card) and come with all personal protective equipment (PPE).

High detail photogrammetry survey data can be provided for better decision making. We offer a high level of accuracy of data, fast delivery and turnaround times. We fly GPS guided plans allowing us to monitor site changes.
We can provide your site:

  • Geo-referenced digital surface models (DSM)
  • Digital elevations model (DEM)
  • Digital terrain models
  • Contour map generation
  • Volumetric analysis for stockpiles and cut and fill volumes

Data can be provided in industry standard geospatial, photogrammetric, CAD and Point Cloud formats. We strive to ensure we have the solution for your requirements.

Hover UAV holds a current C.A.S.A Approved UAV Operators Certificate Cert no/. CASA.UOC.286. Additionally it can operate within 3NM of registered (non-controlled) aerodromes and helipads. Hover UAV has the ability to obtain further exemptions should the need arise for your upcoming project or operation.

Hover UAV has current insurance in place to operate Australia wide. This includes public liability insurance of $20,000,000. If required amendments to insurance arrangements can be altered depending on your project.