Hover UAV is your first choice when it comes to inspecting your Assets. In the past to inspect or survey such structures a required workforce had to be in place including lifting equipment and other safety apparatus.

Reduce costs and risk

Hover UAV removes the expense of scaffolding, man-lifting equipment and helicopter operations to gain access to the asset and mitigates the risk to employees who would otherwise be exposed to risks associated with elevation.

Hover UAVs inspection service keeps survey and inspection officers on the ground and out of harm’s way, thus improving health and safety regulations as well as providing cost effective solutions for high risk elevated areas.

Hover UAV can identify locations in need of repair or stream real time HD footage for immediate assessment.

Insurance inspections

Hover UAV can mobilise quickly offering  timely insurance inspections giving insurance companies expedited, detailed coverage of damage sustained to building, assets, utilities or any other structure.

Applications include

  • Bridge Inspections
  • Phone Tower Inspections
  • Wind Turbines
  • Powerline Inspection
  • Insurance Assessments
  • Pipeline Inspections
  • Water Tower Inspection
  • Utility Inspections
  • Ship Inspections
  • Ship Mast inspections

Our experienced team can offer

  • 4K Aerial Video will real time streamed downlink for immediate assessment
  • Aerial Stills
  • Interactive 360 degree virtual tours
  • 3D modelling
  • Georeferenced Digital Surface Models

Compliance and Insurance

Hover UAV holds a current C.A.S.A Approved UAV Operators Certificate Cert no/. CASA.UOC.286. Additionally it can operate within 3NM of registered (non-controlled) aerodromes and helipads. Hover UAV has the ability to obtain further exemptions should the need arise for your upcoming project or operation.

Hover UAV has current insurance in place to operate Australia wide. This includes public liability insurance of $20,000,000. If required amendments to insurance arrangements can be altered depending on your project.