Real Estate and Drones – Hover UAV

Real Estate and Drones – Hover UAV

Drones are transforming the way real estate is marketed.

Drone technology can capture unprecedented aerial imagery of your property or commercial site. In the past aerial photos were taken by a helicopter or fixed wing aircraft. Today we use drones!

Todays aerial drone technology gives a new meaning to phrases such as “only a stones throw away” or “exquisite views” as it gives the prospective buyer a first person view of the property. It also gives an insight into the lifestyle one may enjoy living in such a property. Highlighting a properties localised points of interest paints a picture of what is geographically situated around the property. This can attract a buyer to a property as much as the property itself. Drones are a fantastic tool for this application.

Another useful application for drone technologies is the ability to give a first person view to a prospective buyer. This is important when purchasing a property off the plan. This gives the buyer an exact mental picture of the view they will enjoy before the building is constructed. This same application may also be of interest to council for Development Approvals. Developers could also use these perspectives for their marketing campaigns.

Hover UAV and Real Estate

At Hover UAV real estate packages are provided to many different clients. These clients range from Real Estates, property specialists, buyers advocates, commercial property agents and developers.

Hover UAV prides itself on competitive pricing and working with the client to achieve the desired results. Should there be a requirement for internal footage or photographs this can also be undertaken by Hover UAV. If a custom or tailored marketing solution is sought Hover UAV would only be to happy to discuss these requirements.