Reducing shark attacks with an instant Warning shark alarm

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Reducing shark attacks with an instant Warning shark alarm

Drone Instant Warning Shark Alarm saving lives

Whilst conducting NSW beaches. Our drone surveillance team felt there was a need for a real time alarm system to be fitted to the drone.

On numerous occasions hazardous sharks in particular Bull sharks were detected within close proximity of board riders. These sharks were often spotted at times that the lifeguards were not operating or it could take a few minutes for the lifeguards to sound the surf club alarm or launch lifeboats which left water users exposed to an attack.

Drone Surveillance with drone siren to reduce shark attacks

When fitted with the Hover UAV shark alarm. Water users can instantly be alerted if a hazardous shark is nearby. The drone pilot will immediately sound the alarm over the shark and alert the public of the danger. This will give water users more time to make their way safely to the shore. The location of the drone will also be a marker for where the shark is and in what direction it is headed.

Minister of Primary Industries Niall Blair says ” This is “technology we haven’t seen in Australia before:

The alarm has been designed to be small and light enough that it can be fitted to almost any drone. The drone uses a multi pitch frequency that can be heard even with significant surf and wind conditions present. The siren can be attached to attach to popular drones and readily available such as the DJI Phantom and Inspire ranges. This makes it a viable and cost effective option for many local councils and beach officials.

The imagery from these drones can also be live fed into shark recognition software also making them a very capable drone for shark detection or for identifying any hazard that may exist on our beaches.


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