Drone Shark Detection Trial Results Redhead Beach

Hover UAV - Redhead drone shark

Drone Shark Detection Trial Results Redhead Beach

Drone Trial Results Redhead Beach, NSW


Shark detecting drones are being trialled on beaches in NSW by the Department of Primary Industries and operations conducted by Hover UAV as part of the NSW Government’s $16 million Shark Management Strategy. Here is drone footage collected from September 2016 through January 2017 from the Hover UAV team stationed at Redhead.

With sightings of such fauna as Fairy Penguins, Eagle rays, Bottle nose dolphins, Whaler sharks, Hammerhead Sharks and Bull Sharks there was a lot of marine life present at the Redhead location.

Redhead was one of the first beaches to be covered by drone patrols for the summer school holidays. Information obtained from real time vision is relayed to authorities should a species of shark considered dangerous be detected. 46 Sharks were sighted from the 5 locations up and down the state with 26 considered potentially dangerous. The vast majority of these sightings were in fact at the Redhead location prompting a number of beach closures due to hazardous sharks being present. Expanded helicopter patrols covered the states entire coast. 93,000 kilometres were covered with a total of 525 sharks sighted which led to 78 evacuations.

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