Drone Safety Audit

Drone Safety Audit

Why Audit? Itโ€™s not just about compliance

A drone safety audit is an opportunity to check the health of your operations and identify which parts are thriving and those parts that need support. It can help you streamline your operation to achieve greater efficiency so releasing resources for other business opportunities. Drone safety audits will ensure the operation is compliant with the appropriate regulations but will also determine which internal controls and policies are effective and which are hindering the businesses growth. It can also provide an insight into how your operations are being managed and how your operations are coping with the ongoing technological and regulatory changes occurring in the unmanned aviation space. Our drone safety audit will provide you with an evaluation of the health of your operations, assist you in managing risk and make recommendations for improvement.


When Should an Audit Be Initiated?

Ideally, an organisation should have a regular audit schedule appropriate to the size of the operation; it should be part of the way you operate. In a healthy safety, culture audits should be regular, consultative and educative. The aim of an audit is to enhance operators’ awareness of what constitutes a good safety culture and how to implement continuous improvements. In any organisation, significant events can happen where an appropriately structured audit can assist in their management. You should consider conducting an audit:ย 


  • Post-Incident Review
  • Near miss or trend analysis
  • Change of key operating personnel
  • Post-implementation of a major change



What can you expect from a Hover UAV audit?

The scope of any drone safety audit conducted by Hover UAV will be agreed with you to ensure it positively enables your operations and promotes a generative safety culture. A Hover UAV drone safety audit will not just look at documented processes but will discuss and review operational processes and procedures with all personnel involved with conducting and approving RPA operations. The scope of a Hover UAV audit will cover as a minimum:ย 


  • Required documentation is in place and valid
  • Confirm compliance with company documentation, practices and procedures
  • Identify deficiencies with management processes
  • Identify non-compliance with existing or future regulations
  • Compliance with record-keeping requirements for aircraft and personnel