Drone Bird Scaring and Bat Removal Siren

Drone Siren Bat Removal

Drone Bird Scaring and Bat Removal Siren

Traditional methods of bird mitigation to protect crops on farms have in the past been labour intensive. Costly through labour being tied up to deter the birds from descending on crops. Paddocks can lose half a tonne a hectare to birds. It has often been done by farmers on quad bikes to scare the birds away. Making loud sounds or firing off gas guns. A recent mitigation strategy to reduce the effects of birds on yields has been the introduction of sirens on board drones. Bird scaring drones are actively saving thousands of dollars daily from lost yields. They are less labour intensive freeing up labour to complete other tasks. They can cover large areas quickly keeping the birds on the move. The drones are fitted with the Hover UAV drone siren which delivers a high multi pitch sound designed to scare birds or bats. The drone can be flown manually to fly directly to problem areas or programmed to fly predetermined routes utilising GPS. Mitigating bird numbers over vulnerable crops


Birds Gathering Over Crops

The Bat Problem