Aerial Drone Inspections Dockwise “Yacht Express”

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Aerial Drone Inspections Dockwise “Yacht Express”

Aerial Drone Inspections

Hover UAV had the privilege of conducting aerial drone inspections onboard one of the worlds truly unique heavy lift ships. Yacht Express is a unique semisubmersible ship. It allows its cargo “Yachts” to simple be driven on and off during loading and operations. This innovative and powerful carrier provides the fastest transatlantic yacht delivery available from Florida to the Mediterranean. Yacht Express also offers service to other global destinations. These  include Australia and New Zealand. Yacht Express features amenities designed for worldwide yacht transport.

This sophisticated yacht transport vessel is designed to have a service speed of 18 knots. Meaning a trans-Atlantic voyage from the Mediterranean to Florida with this ultra modern yacht carrier will be greatly reduced. Owners have the option of sending crew along onboard Yacht Express. This allows owners piece of mind. Crew can maintain the  yacht during the transportation. On board crew will have access to meals, gym, media room when not onboard there own vessels. Yachts being shipped are supplied with power appropriate to the yachts requirements. Fresh water is also obtained as well as raw sea water for any air conditioning requirements from Yacht Express.

Hover UAV and Aerial Drone Inspections

Hover UAV recently joined Yacht Express in Genoa, Italy and travelled across the Atlantic to Fort Lauderdale in the United States. Filming and documenting the vessel from an aerial perspective. This was a great opportunity to conduct aerial drone inspections of the exhaust emissions. Emissions are of great interest to the Yacht Express engineers. Emissions must be monitored so not to damage in any way the precious cargo onboard.  Hover UAV is very pleased to have been involved with such an incredible engineering marvel.

Should you have a requirement for aerial drone inspections Hover UAV is the answer. We can customise an aerial drone inspection giving fast, reliable data to help you make informed decisions. Contact Hover UAV to discuss your requirements.