Commercial UAV Expo, 2015

Hover UAV - Commercial UAV Expo

Commercial UAV Expo, 2015

Hover UAV – Commercial UAV Expo, Las Vegas, 2015

Hover UAV was very pleased to be in attendance at the Commercial UAV Expo. This expo was held at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. All the worlds major UAV manufacturers were in attendance. They were offering live demonstrations within the auditorium. It was a visual display of innovation.

In attendance were keynote speakers such as Dave Truch of BP. This speech spoke of BPs involvement with UAVs. Particularly how BP is using this technology to inspect its pipelines.

Patrick Meier of Humanitarians in the Sky: Drones for Disaster relief  was another keynote speaker. Humanitarians in the Sky are doing pivotal work in expediting disaster relief response times. It is doing this by aerial mapping the affected areas. It can then pinpoint the most critical areas to focus the relief efforts derived from the data acquired. This was done shortly after the Nepal earthquakes and the cyclone that hit Vanuatu in the Pacific. In the Nepal case large scale maps of the devastation were displayed to the local populous onsite. This empowered the population to coordinate an organised response to the disaster. They could see real time where their efforts would best be directed. This intern leads to an educated response plan. There certainly was an immense amount of information being shared.

Other UAV or Drone Innovations

Other innovations were drones that could bounce off infrastructure during inspections. Manufacturers such as flyability are developing this technology. During inspections drones can physically bounce off infrastructure. This design also eliminates damage to the UAV itself.

All the worlds leading aerial mapping software manufacturers were in attendance. Pix4D, DroneDeploy and Pictometry  were all in attendance.

Hover UAV and the Commercial UAV Expo

Hover UAV is hoping to be in attendance at the next Commercial UAV expo in 2016. The rate of innovation is very exciting. To be able to have access to the global UAV community under one roof makes this event a must to attend.