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Chief Remote Pilot Professional Development

Chief Remote Pilot Professional Development Webinar Series – Welcome to our latest blog post, spotlighting an indispensable up coming series of Chief Remote Pilot Professional Development Webinars brought to you by Hover UAV. This series is a treasure trove of knowledge for Chief Remote Pilots (CRP), meticulously designed to navigate the dynami…
AAUS Industry Awards - Winner Education and Safety - Hover UAV

Hover UAV Triumphs at AAUS Industry Champion Awards: A Milestone in BVLOS Training and Safety Education

Hover UAV AAUS Winners Hover UAV, a distinguished RPAS consulting firm, has etched another milestone by clinching the coveted Australian Associa…
Approval Military No-fly Zones

General Approval for Military No-fly Zones

In collaboration with the Department of Defence, CASA is streamlining the procedure for RPA operators to fly within the no-fly zone of aerodromes c…
Changes to BVLOS EVLOS Qualifications

Changes to BVLOS EVLOS Requirements

Changes to BVLOS EVLOS Requirements CASA releases new changes for qualifications required for EVLOS operations and BVLOS Enclosed Operations …
BVLOS Operations

BVLOS Operations in the Next Decade

This podcast held during the 2023 NestGen Flytbase event “BVLOS Operations in the Next Decade: What to Expect in 2033” features a thought leadershi…
BVLOS Training

BVLOS Training

BVLOS training – The drone industry views operating Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) as the next frontier but obtaining the necessary BVLOS rati…
Hydrogen in the RPAS Industry

Hydrogen in the RPAS Industry

Hydrogen in the RPAS industry – Hydrogen has gained significant attention as a clean and renewable fuel source, and for good reason. Its production…
BVLOS Exam - Hover UAV

New BVLOS Examination for Drone Industry

New BVLOS Examination – The drone industry is rapidly evolving, and as a result, the standards and regulations for remote pilots are also constantl…
BVLOS New Zealand

New Zealand BVLOS Safety Case Week

Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand Part 102 BVLOS approvals Recently, the NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employmen…
Australian Drone Noise Approvals - Hover UAV

Australian Drone Noise Approvals 

Drones have become increasingly popular in Australia, with more and more people using them for various purposes. However, this rise in drone usage …
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