Advertising by Drone – Hover UAV

Advertising by Drone – Hover UAV

Hover UAV - Aerial Video Advertising for Port Stephens Surf School

Advertising by Drone – Hover UAV and Port Stephens Surf School

Advertising by Drone

Drone-vertising. YES. It is what it sounds like. Advertising by drone. The advent of You Tube and other sources of social media where engaging content can go viral is utopia for businesses. Businesses more than ever must demonstrate their creativity, innovation and social power. This is if they are wanting to stand out in competitive markets. Viewers must be blown away by marketing content. So much so they can not resist the urge to share or talk about your products or services. This intelligent advertising lends itself perfectly to the latest technology buzz. DRONES

Enter the Drone – Advertising by Drone

Drones are the perfect platform for adding a special dimension to your advertising. There unique eye from the sky allows details to be of a higher level when it comes to showcasing everything from construction, industrial inspections to tourism operations. High-definition stabilised video produces exceptional aerial footage. Worthy of inclusion in any advertising campaign. Drones can also be used as the advertising medium themselves. They can hoist banners below them to advertise a specific product or service.

Potential Realised

One such company who was quick to realise the potential that advertising by drone could bring to there business was Port Stephens Surf School. Like never before the versatility drones could bring Port Stephens Surf School’s marketing campaigns was exceptional. For the first time they could show their clients aerial footage and give them a real immersive experience of exactly what it would be like to learn to surf. Drone cameras can reach places we could never of imagined only a few years ago. It is a game changer. The drones are versatile with launch and recovery from onsite and they are accessible also from a financial standpoint. Using drones in our business is something we will use in our advertising well into the future.