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meet the team - Jackie Dujmovic
Jackie Dujmovic


Jackie’s passion for safe advancements in emerging aviation fuels her extensive global experience in RPAS/Emerging Aviation. Leading multiple groundbreaking projects, she demonstrates a steadfast commitment to safety and innovation. Beyond her pivotal role at Hover UAV, she contributes expertise to various government working groups and serves on the Board of Safeskies Australia, shaping the future of uncrewed systems and aviation safety.

meet the team - Phillip Grieve CSM
Phillip Grieve CSM

Lead RPAS Consultant, BVLOS & Safety Expert

CASA RePL (25kg Multi-Rotor / Powerlift)
Australian Army Textron Shadow 200 platform  

Phillip is an experienced, driven and motivated professional with extensive Beyond Visual Line of Sight operational experience gained from planning, instructing, and standardising very small to large RPAS operations within the Australian Army.

Qualifications include a Bachelor of General Studies (Education), Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Cert III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) and remote pilot’s license. In addition, he has obtained military qualifications relating to Auditing and Assurance, Quality and Safety Management Systems, and Aviation Investigations.

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With a military career spanning 27 years, Phillip has worked as a Remote Pilot, RPAS flight instructor, mission planner and coordinator, Chief Remote Pilot, RPAS Standardisation officer, and human factors and crew resource management facilitator.

Phillip was recognised for his work in developing the Australian Army’s Shadow UAS capability and was awarded the Conspicuous Service Medal in the 2017 Australia Day Honours and Awards.

meet the team -  Jarrod Danahay
Jarrod Danahay

Hover UAV Chief Pilot

Jarrod’s fascination with flight sparked at an early age and he began flying over the skies of Melbourne before he could legally drive a car. He is passionate about aviation and holds commercial licenses for both aeroplanes and helicopters, an instrument rating, and has flown crewed aircraft in remote outback and coastal locations.

As Hover UAV’s Chief Remote Pilot, Jarrod is responsible for overseeing the implementation of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations. He enjoys exploring new technologies in the RPAS industry and educating others on the various benefits of using drones across a wide range of industries.

Mark DujmovicMark Dujmovic
Mark Dujmovic


Mark Dujmovic is a highly skilled RPAS Chief Pilot with a diverse background in the marine industry. As a Marine Captain, Mark has captained multi-million dollar Super Yachts for high-profile clients across the globe, as well as working on offshore oil and gas operations with seismic support and ROV operations. With a passion for technology, Mark now serves as both the Chief Pilot and Chief Technology Officer at Hover UAV.

Mark has been instrumental in driving innovation in the UAV industry, leading the way in world-first applications such as marine conservation work, autonomous drone use, and exploring the potential applications of UAVs in the oil and gas industry. Whether at home, in the field, or in the office, Mark’s expertise and passion for technology make him a valuable member of the Hover UAV team.

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A fast learner with high levels of attention to detail and experience across a wide range of industries, he’s the guy you want on your side when innovating something that’s never been tried (or as a ring-in for a hard fought trivia night).

meet the team - Nicola McPhail
Jack McLaughlin


Jack is a passionate aviation professional holding a CASA Commercial Pilot Licence, Instrument Rating, and a Remote Pilot Licence. After going to watch aeroplanes at Brisbane Airport as a child, his fascination with all things aviation has been unwavering. He has flown aircraft on the East Coast of Australia and in the Northern Territory and looks forward to building more aviation experience in the RPAS industry. Jack also has extensive experience managing teams and working with customers. Using this mixture of experience, Jack is excited to work with Hover UAV’s consulting team to provide high-quality drone solutions for our customers.

Bailey Brown - Hover UAV
Bailey Brown

Consulting Support

Bailey is a dynamic professional with a deep passion for aviation and emerging technologies. Bailey holds a CASA Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, and a Multi-Engine Class Rating, as well as a degree in Aviation Management. Bailey’s interest in UAVs started after building a small drone with friends. This continued with learning to fly DJI’s drones and gaining experience to get a RePL. Bailey is exploring and is intrigued by emerging trends in Airspace Design and Remote and Digital Air Traffic Solutions (R/D-ATS). Bailey has specialised studies in these solutions, having conducted research on emerging air traffic solutions focusing on Europe and Oceania. Bailey looks forward to bringing these new technologies into the UAV space, allowing for safer operations between the crewed and uncrewed worlds. Bailey also looks forward to being able to assist clients and support them in optimising their operations.

meet the team - Dylan Bishop
Dylan Bishop

Consultant/Technical Writer

CASA RePL (7kg Multirotor)
LearnX Platinum Award winner

Dylan comes from a background in technical writing and knowledge management and brings a wide range of business experience from process analysis to bot writing to Hover UAV. Drawing on his eight year career with one of Australia’s largest media companies, Dylan uses his experience to specialise in process design and policy development.

As a hobbyist photographer and designer, Dylan had racked up close to 200 hours of flight time as a recreational pilot before seeking his CASA RePL accreditation. Dylan uses these creative and design skills to inform Hover UAV’s marketing language and focus on end-user experiences when designing procedures.

Bailey Brown - Hover UAV
Nick Jackson

Consulting Support New Zealand

Nick has a background in Chemical and Process Engineering, complemented by five years of intensive experience in the UAV industry with a New Zealand start-up. As the Chief Remote Pilot, Nick operated under a Part 102 certificate, leading UAV operations and ensuring stringent regulatory compliance. This experience included conducting complex operations such as BVLOS flights at controlled aerodromes and BVLOS flights in non-VMC conditions.

In addition to his technical proficiency, Nick is well-versed in risk management and health and safety, with an in-depth knowledge of New Zealand workplace health and safety regulations. He is eager to leverage his skills and experience to support organisations in achieving safe and advanced UAV operations across New Zealand.

Mark DujmovicMark Dujmovic
Lang Ravell

Administration Manager

Lang plays a pivotal role as our Administration Manager. With over a decade of experience
across diverse industries, she brings a wealth of expertise to the helm. Her aptitude
for efficiency is a product of years spent refining processes and streamlining

Outside the office, you’ll find Lang balancing the demands of a dynamic workweek with a
passion for extreme adventures. A dedicated parent, she adeptly manages the intricacies of coordinating sports events and training with the same finesse and precision that defines her professional approach.

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