Hover UAV – 360 Virtual Aerial Tour, Port Stephens

Hover UAV - 360 degrees aerial views

Hover UAV – 360 Virtual Aerial Tour, Port Stephens

Hover UAV – 360º Virtual Aerial Tour

Hover UAV had the pleasure of filming a 360º virtual aerial tour above one of Port Stephens most walked mountains. The regions top natural wonder, Mt Tomaree.

The summit of Tomaree headland is 161 metres above sea level on the south entrance to Port Stephens. It boasts unparalleled views of Port Stephens and the surrounding coastlines.

Here is a different perspective of Tomaree Headland, Port Stephens. Tomaree in 360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

From the northern observation deck  you can enjoy the views of Yacaaba Head which is the northern headland, Cabbage Tree Island, Boondelbah and Broughton Islands.

To the west the townships of Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay and as far as Soldiers Point are in full view from the summit of Mt Tomaree. From the Southern observation deck you can enjoy vistas of Zenith, Wreck and Box beaches, Fingal Island and Point Stephens lighthouse.

Mt Tomaree is the perfect vantage point to enjoy whale watching as the annual humpback whale migration is currently in full swing. There are operators running daily whale watching cruises departing from Nelson Bay to view the whales.

Moonshadow cruises offers a great cruise on a spacious vessel venturing a few miles offshore to view these incredible animals. There is also an Australian fur seal colony on Cabbage Tree Island which  Moonshadow cruises often pass. This is an added bonus.

360 Aerial Virtual Tours Arrive at Hover UAV

This 360º virtual aerial tour was taken with a camera attached to one of Hover UAVs drones.

It gives a different perspective of the area allowing for a more immersive experience. Giving the viewer freedom to explore the area in a 360 first person format.

This technology could be invaluable for marketing purposes. Your audience will have a more immersive experience. The possibilities for this technology covers so many different industries. It would be an asset to any marketing campaign.