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Experts in Drone Technology, Safety & Compliance.

Helping you
move forward.

Experts in Drone Technology, Safety & Compliance.

Drone solutions for your business.

Drone Technology Experts

Drones can provide huge benefits to business and government. They provide cost-effective site surveying, visual access to hard-to-reach areas, autonomous drone programs, and much, much more.

Going through compliance, safety and getting the right tech for the job is a major hassle that continues to shift and change. We fix all that.

Hover UAV is Australia’s leading drone expert, helping you get off the ground sooner, saving time, money and headaches to ensure you have a program that makes your business better. We also work with clients like Wing Aviation and Rio Tinto to create the world’s best practice drone operations at the cutting-edge of the industry.


Beyond Visual Line of Sight


The ability to remotely manage drone operations from a remote operations centre (ROC) provides numerous benefits, such as increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and the ability to conduct operations in remote or hard-to-reach locations.

The fact that CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) has approved Hover UAV for such operations suggests that they have met rigorous safety and compliance standards, which is crucial for ensuring that drone operations are conducted safely and responsibly. This ROC adds increased capability to Hover UAV’s already established BVLOS HUB.

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Additionally, the ability to manage BVLOS  flights in multiple locations concurrently can significantly increase the efficiency of drone operations and reduce costs for businesses and government agencies.

Overall, Hover UAV’s remote command centre capabilities add a new level of sophistication and capability to their services, making them a valuable partner for companies and organisations that need to conduct drone operations.

Delivering expert training

BVLOS OCTA Exam Preparation

Hover UAV offers training that provides essential guidance to prepare for the CASA Outside of Controlled Airspace (OCTA) BVLOS examination, designed for BVLOS flight operations. The training covers a comprehensive range of topics to help you ace the exam.

Delivering expert face-to-face training

BVLOS Rating Course

Hover UAV offers in-person training that offers essential guidance to prepare for the CASA BVLOS examination, designed for BVLOS flight operations. The training covers a comprehensive range of topics.

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Remote Operations Centre (ROC) 24/7

It’s amazing to think about the range of applications for drones and the potential for remotely piloting them to perform a variety of tasks simultaneously. From inspecting stockpiles to delivering medical samples and surveying wildlife, the possibilities are endless.

It’s great to hear that Hover UAV provides not only the necessary equipment and safety assessments but also offers skills training for drone pilots. This ensures that drone operations are conducted by competent and skilled professionals, which is essential for ensuring safety and compliance.

Moreover, the fact that Hover UAV offers SORA workshops is impressive as it demonstrates its commitment to staying up-to-date with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. It is essential to continuously update knowledge and skills to provide the best possible service to clients.

Expert Advice. Always.

Who We’ve Worked With

Hover UAV can assist businesses in integrating drone capabilities into their existing infrastructure and processes. This can help companies realise the benefits of drone technology while minimising disruptions and maximising efficiency.

Overall, it’s important for businesses to assess their existing infrastructure and processes carefully and to work with experienced partners like Hover UAV to ensure that new capabilities are implemented effectively and in a way that aligns with their business goals.

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At Hover UAV we assist drone programs from conception to full implementation. We are a passionate team of experts, with diverse skill sets and backgrounds gained in sectors such as maritime, crewed aviation, defense, corporate and engineering sectors.

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